DIY Copy Stand (WIP)


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Really cool! thanks for sharing.

Thanks :slight_smile: ,of course I did not reinvent the wheel here except the idea of the reel that I have never seen nowhere
When my film is dry,I put it directly on the Paterson reel,like that,no dust at all on my film
I never tested the antistatic brush,maybe it is good but I have a doubt
Maybe that will give some ideas to someone :slight_smile:

Hello,WIP with a rail macro

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The nisi rail is very precise for UP and DOWN but it is not a right angle so I think I don’t keep it

That’s a great looking system, very substantial, heavier duty than the Reprostativ Bausatz Höhenverstellbar which has been mentioned on here.

I would have thought that it was almost inevitable that there’s going to be some play (slump) in a macro rail with that weight of camera and lens, could you not just have an adjustable baseboard to compensate?

Thanks :slight_smile: ,the problem with this nisi macro is when you tighten the screw to avoid oscilliations,there is a little gap about 2mm on the left side (see photo)
The only solution and the most simple is to tilt the valoi to get the perfect alignment
PS : Sorry for my bad english🇫🇷


Thanks for the picture, 2mm does seem rather a lot I agree. I suppose these macro rails generally tend to be used more or less horizontally, could it be shimmed out at all? In principle macro rails with a lead screw offer much finer adjustment as opposed to those with side adjustment on a rack and will not tend to creep when held vertically. On the other hand for vertical slide scanning we only need a very small range of adjustment because the copy stand will get the camera to more or less to the right position so someone with some engineering skills and a milling machine could make something much more precise and without any play.

Still it is quite common to have to adjust for this with vertical copying systems, I have a separate baseboard underneath my negative holder and get away with a couple of card shims (set up initially with a mirror) but Mark D Segal uses threaded bolts at each corner and @gihlsong uses these incredible vernier adjusters.

Sorry, only just watched your video, you clearly don’t need any advice on engineering!

Get something like this to adjust camera angles:

Rather,I take all the informations ,very informative,thanks Harry
Digitizer,yes it seems a good option but I try to avoid the pieces between the stand and the camera at most.More there is mechanism between them,more there is movment in my opinion but I believe you,thanks for the information

I use components that make sure all parts are aligned, ARCA clamps and plates plus custom L-bracket on camera. Thus no need for adjustments.

Yes,but in my case I use the inclinometre to adjust the last 0,0X° ,takes me maybe 30 seconds so it’s ok for me

Ok ,I just try the difference between manual focus on grain vs autofocus and look at 200% and I don’t see any difference with my gx8 so I put the macro rail nisi back in the drawer
Maybe it is because my gx8 with olympus 60 2.8 macro give me only about 8mp…
I suppose with a FF 40MP and a macro lens like the sigma 105 2.8 macro art,the différence will be visible

My system to avoid the dust on film
I put the Paterson’s reel in the 127 position
Some photos…