Focusing Rail Recommendation

Looking for advice on a reasonably priced rail for scanning.

Sigma 105mm f2.8 DG DN macro
LPL Copy stand
EFH (film holder)
Viltrox light source.


I never used their rails, but Arca-Swiss makes quality products. They are not cheap.

I still have to build a setup and was hoping I can get by with the bellows unit without a focus rail. (Dunno?)

Without a rail, you will not be able to maintain a fixed magnification. The rule is to use the bellows to move the lens relative to the sensor to achieve the desired magnification and then use the rail to move the whole assembly back and forth to achieve sharp focus. Trying to do this by sliding the whole assembly up and down a column is likely to result in a lot of frustration.

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For a vertical setup, I’d prefer a macro slider with a spindle. This counteracts gravity…

I won’t be using a bellows, 105mm 1:1 macro on A73 on a vertical setup copy stand.

I adjust the column to get close and hopefully the rail will get it fine tuned.

Im checking out rails that are reasonably priced and have good reviews. There seems to a lot of copycat cheap junk to avoid and at the same time my budget doesn’t allow for the ultimate premium rails. Still looking for happy medium.

Will look into the Fotopro rail.