Do macro filters effect image?

Hi, I have been trying to figure out why my pictures have a weird cast to them. I do not have a dedicated macro lens because I don’t feel like shelling out the cash, so I got the cheaper solution in macro filters. I’m using the Kaiser Slimlite Plano 5000, with a 50mm lens(with a +2 and +4 macro filter) My negatives when converted seem to have an orange cast in the middle and then some blue spots either just left, just right, or both sides.

Close-up lenses often come with less than optimal technical quality and stacking two lenses can amplify the shortcomings.

I’d recommend making sure that no stray light can enter between the negative and the lens. This helps to prevent flare, which might be the cause of the effects you mention. You can reduce stray light by doing the following:

Please let us know of the results you get with the above.