DSLR Scanning - Confusion over 'correct' exposure

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I have a quick question regarding a dslr setup. From what I’ve read, there seems to be a constant rule of thumb to over expose the scan by a stop or two shifting the levels to the right of the histogram. My question is that when I do this, the reversal image is darker. Surely the dslr scan would be better underexposed by a stop or two and when reversed, turn out lighter? I hope this makes sense and would appreciate any help.

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Exposing to the right helps to get cleaner shadows, bright areas after conversion that is. Don’t overdo it though, stay about 2/3-3/3 stops below the maximum that you can get without blinkies.

NLP is very tolerant to changes in exposure. NLP’s converter compensates almost any over- or under-exposure. I propose that you shoot a negative with different exposures and see what NLP will do. Slight differences will be visible, but far less than what you’d expect:

From left: -1 EV, 0, +1/3 EV, +2/3 EV, +1 EV, HDR
Lower row: Converted with NLP 2.3