Re: Exposing to the Right

First of all, I love NLP and can’t wait to use it more. Thanks Nate!

I’m relatively new to NLP, but recently I have been using it quite frequently for both color and B+W projects. I took note of the fact that Nate suggested to “expose to the right” (ETTR) when camera scanning negatives.

I understand the idea of ETTR when using a digital camera on a physical scene, but my head starts hurting when I think of it in relation to shooting a negative that will then be inverted.

In the projects I have done so far, it seemed to benefit color negatives, but not so much with B+W negs. When camera scanning a B+W neg, when you nudge the histogram to the right, you are creating a lighter negative that will be inverted to a darker positive. I end up with NLP images that seem too dark to start and I need to raise the lights and whites almost all the way to get the image to look right.

I noticed in the recent camera scanning tutorial video from Darryl Carey, he didn’t mention ETTR at all. Can anyone set me straight here with what I am missing, or what your preferred exposure technique is. Thank you.