DSLR scanning OR Epson Flatbed with NLP?

Hi guys, I’ve been looking over this forum from a distance but I still haven’t decided which direction I should take for scanning DSLR vs an Epson flatbed? I’m also open to other options but this is what I’ve narrowed it down to because I’ve decided that I want to use NLP and it seems like these are the best options.

What I own:
-A Canon 5ds r with a 100mm macro lens
-Tripod (with no folding arm)
-An 8x10 Portra-Trace light table
-Several rolls of color 120 film (645) that need to be scanned

What I’ve tried:
-The free trial of NLP software with my canon 5ds r on a tripod and my 100mm macro lens with an old film scanning tray on top of the light table.

What I didn’t like:
-Adjusting tripod to level
-And the overall workflow was pretty tedious

Mainly because of the dust issue I’ve been looking at the Epson V perfection series but I’m also considering holding off for the Negitive Supply 120 Film holder with the brush attachment. Since the price isn’t much different from an Epson scanner it doesn’t really bother me I’m just looking to get the most out of Negative Lab Pro. Even though I won’t be able to fill the entire frame with my 35mm DSLR I can still get a 45 megapixel raw file to convert so I’m assuming that the quality would be better than an Epson scanner but I’m not sure, does NLP work better with a DSLR or Flatbed scanner?

I’ve also seen people get great results with an Epson + a software like VueScan, with the ability to get a RAW file (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu0aFsNqKjE). Would this setup be better than a 51mp DSLR with Negitive Supply film holder?

I’ve also been considering getting creative and making my own version of the Negitive Supply 120 film holder by buying an anti-static, anti-dust brush and mounting it onto a wooden box with my Porta-Trace lightbox and a Beseler Negatrans negative holder.


Wooden box
8x10 Porta-Trace Lightbox
Beseler Negatrans (120 Film Holder)