Flatbed scanner for 35mm

Hey there! So I’ve just started developing my 35mm films at home + scanning with a DSLR.
I went directly to DSLR scanning since I already had a digital camera + macro rings for the lens… but I’m finding it more of a headache than a “good experience”. For what I’ve seen, using scanners is much more “simple”, just throw in the negative films, wait for it to get scanned and then converted it with NLP.
I know is not just hit the scan button and ready, but I don’t mind having to mess around with different options + waiting since its much more slower than DSRL scanns.

Anyway, I’ve been reading that’s not “recommended” to use flatbed scanners for 35mm films, since they don’t get good results. The scanner that fits right now in my budget is the Epson Perfection V550 Photo. Any past experiences with this scanner, does it get the job done when in comes to 35mm scans?

Thanks and keep safe!!

Hi, I’m not sure if this is too late or not but for what it’s worth I have used the V550 for quite a while now. I scan both 120 and 35mm negatives using VueScan software and am happy with the results. In my view a flatbed scanner is a compromise between scan quality and ease of use. The scanner sits there ready to go whereas I have to dig out a copy stand, lightpad, film holder as well as the camera and macro lens if I want to use the camera to scan images. In my view the camera/macro lens set up can potentially provide better quality but for most uses the scanner provides very adequate quality. Unless you are planning to make large prints then in my experience the V550 is plenty good enough for posting to websites etcetera.

Hope this helps - but remember it’s my view only and your mileage may vary!