Scanning Negatives

Hi everyone.
I’m learning more by the day about scanning negatives. While I’m still relatively clueless I feel like, I know more than I did a few weeks ago. I ran across some old negative photos from the 1960’s that are the 2.25x2.25 size. Previously, I had purchased a Canon MP980 to scan negatives, but have since learned this can only handle up to 35mm negatives.

I’ve read a lot about scanning negatives and the options. I am looking ideally for a flatbed scanner that can handle the job, and ideally, multiple sizes of negatives should I run across anymore (I often scan old family photos as I’m the genealogy guy in the family).

From the reading I’ve done across the web, I can pay a company to do it, obviously, or I can invest in one of these flatbed scanners:
Epson V500
Epson V600
Canon 8800f
Canon 9000F

As of right now, I’m learning toward the Canon8800 as it appears to be the lowest cost online. If it does not come with the slide trays, I’m assuming there are ways to get around that, such as the negative-solutions web site, among others or even finding a used version of the trays somewhere.

I started this research adventure nearly a month ago and that’s what I know so far. Does anyone have any words of wisdom? Unfortunately I bought a negative scanning device years ago and it too only can handle 35mm. For that reason, I’m hoping to go with a low cost option if at all possible!

Hello :slight_smile:
Depends on quantity - smaller batches are usually more reasonable to let someone else to handle it as hardware + software + time spent are to much.

Usually I’d say stay away from scanners as speed and quality wise “scanning” with modern camera system is faster and gives much more in quality. But big benefit for scanners are price for sure, while costing more in time.