Edges of scans always much lighter

hi there,

I am using a sony a7iv and 60mm nikon macro lens to scan my images. the negatives are in the essential film holder and i use a black card to mask out as much light from around the holder from my light table. the images I get back always seem to have lighter edges, i am sure this is a scanning issue as I dont see the lighter edges on the negatives, plus it doesnt matter what camera I use to take the photos i still get them. Any clue as to where i could be going wrong or improve?

Yep, if it looks lighter on the edges once it is inverted, it means that in the original scan the edges are getting LESS light than the middle.

This is caused when the mask is basically creating a soft shadow on the edges.

The solution is to make sure that the mask is big enough to not cast any shadows, and get the film as close as possible to the mask.


Which version of the EFH are you using? The earlier ones had this issue (mine included). The newest version is supposed to correct this by making the bottom layer of the mask a bit wider. I’ve got the new version but have not tried it yet to see if it fixes the issue completely.

Would also be interested to know this

I’m getting a very similar issue and can’t seem to figure out what it is. I use the Valoi Film Holder Rig. I Don’t think that there’s a mask or anything that could be casting a shadow on the negative.

I would recommend photographing a blank piece of film and inspecting that in Lightroom for evenness of illumination. No need to put it through NLP but NLP will accentuate any unevenness due to the boost in contrast baked in to the process of converting colour negatives to positives.