Lots of lightbleed around corners and edges when scanning with DSLR

First off thank you for taking a look at my post. I’m praying someone has some kind of idea on how to fix this.

First my equipment:

  • Negative Supply Basic 4x5 95 CRI Light Source
  • Negative Supply Basic 35mm Carrier (with stabilizing mask)
  • Negative Supply Scanning Hood
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6i
  • Canon FD 50mm f3.5 (I don’t use an extension tube because my camera is aps-c)
  • Bubble level for leveling camera on copy stand

I use Negative Lab Pro in LR for converting the scans. I seem to get an excessive about of light on photo edges and I cant seem to figure out why. I scan in a dark room, mask out excess lights. I even turn off my computer monitors when scanning. The only light being a single tv I have my camera connected to for scanning. I’d imagine the scanning hood and the masks I’m using should have me covered but maybe I’m just doing something else wrong?

Here are some examples:

It tends to be less visible in daylight (but still visible) but indoors or at night it gets really strong (or when just underexposed. I never really had this problem when using my Canon 9000F.

Does anyone have an idea? Thank you!!!

Hey there – Welcome to the forum!

Judging from the photos you posted on imgur, this looks like vignetting from the lens. The parts will be darker on the negatives and once inverted, they become lighter.

Have you tried scanning at a different aperture? Seen any difference in results?

– Chris