Enable / Disable clipping warnings while NLP is open

Title - I often use lightroom’s highlight/shadow clipping warnings (J) to guide me in editing the white/black points of my conversions, but it is a little annoying to have to close NLP (and lose the A/B “save point”) when i want to view the photo without them.


This would be great!

I agree this is an annoyance, but I doubt it’s possible to access any Lightroom controls while NLP is open.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I had looked into this before, and didn’t think it was possible, but to my surprise, I was just able to make it work…

So… this feature will be coming to the next version :tada:

There will be a button near the whiteClip / blackClip controls that will toggle the clipping warning.

Just played around with it on a few photos, and it was say more usefully that I though it would be! For instance, it can be helpful to try to increase the blackClip until the entire film rebate is 100% clipped (since there should be no textured information available at that level), and then adjust the other tonal sliders from there. This really helps when working with thin or grainy negatives to help make sure that the “texture” showing in the shadows isn’t just noise.