Epson Scan 2 settings

Hi to all,

got my V800 today, running macOS Catalina with Epson Scan 2.
There ist no “professional mode”, what is the best way to scan 35mm bw, 6x6 bw and 4x5 bw?
Scanner runs almost automatic and detect 6 35mm pics for example. But no film border.
Same thing with the bigger film types.

settings are changing in a miraculous way. How to create a set with all parameters?
Using NLP in trial mode, but this is performing good.


did an update to 6.4.84 but still no way to scan negatives as a positive. epson sac 2 doesn’t detect the film border correct.
Anyone using Catalina and Epson Scan 2 and any hints?

now did an update to 4.6.86 and there is a way to scan the whole strips in preview and frame the pics manually. Then hit the button with the number (6 if two 120mm Film strips are scanned) and then hit scan. The result will be six frames. Next step is LR and NLP. Works, but ridiculous tiny frames to get one pic inside. Now zoom etc. But it works.

Hey there,

Just started using an epson v550, epson scan 2, and the digitaliza 120 film holders and having an all-around difficult time as well.

What film holders are you using?

I’m using the older holders of the V700 without the plastic glass.

And there is to choose “scan with boundaries” or a similar Point. If done the previe of the two stripes you scale the Pictures manually with a frame of 59x59mm for example. One click to the number of Frames and then scan all Frames one after one. Thats works ok.