Epson V850 Scanning Question

Hello -
I just purchased an Epson V850 thinking it would scan the many old slides we have taken by a family member who was a professional photographer. Most of the slides, however, are mount size 70 x 70 mm / image size 55 x 55 mm. The slide holders that came with the V850 only work with the smaller size slides: mount size 50 x 50 mm / image size 35 x 24 mm, which I know are the standard. I called Epson and they said they do not make slide holders in the larger size.
My question is: are there slide trays which would work on the V850 with the larger slides we have? Is there some other way they could be scanned? I’m fine with doing them individually if necessary. If scanning them is not possible on the V850, is there a different slide scanner which would work for these size slides? Also, I have read about “Newton Rings” and wonder if an “Anti-Newton ring glass” would be necessary if I do them individually and if this would work on the V850.
I very much appreciate whatever help anyone can offer. Thanks!

I don’t have specific answers to your questions, but it sounds like the slides you have are medium format slides. 6x6 format I guess? I have a V800 and you’re right there is no medium format slide mount holder that comes with that scanner or the V850. If you can unmount the slides then you can however, put the film on the Medium format film holder which is provided. The other option is to scan straight from the glass, but your mileage may vary since the scanner has a fixed focus and may not provide very sharp scans as a result of missed focus.

I’ve previously had to use a 3rd party 110 neg holder for my epson scanner and it works fine. Therefore, I’d imagine if you can find any such 3rd party or 3d printed holder for your slides it would work fine as well. I did a cursory google search and couldn’t find such a product though.

As for the Newton Rings, I’ve read that less glass is better… in a purely subjective experiment I used the supplied holders from my V800 that contain ‘anti newton glass’ vs the older V700 holders that are glassless and found that the V700 holders worked better. The glass also just served to collect dust, which was annoying.

Thanks so much for your advice. These are medium format slides, some with cardboard and some with metal frames. I have now tried placing them directly on the glass and they seem to be scanning well, even those with the metal frames. I will check around for a holder, but it doesn’t look like these are available. I’m surprised Epson doesn’t make one since the package that came with the V850 had two holders for 35mm slides and many others for film strips, etc. On the slides I’m scanning I don’t see any Newton Rings, so I think I’ll continue like this. I appreciate your help!

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