Film holder crops out borders

Scanner: Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro

Problem: My 35mm film holder crops out the borders, leaving me unable to white balance using the film borders. I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem with their dedicated film scanners


I took a file to mine, but it they were older Nikon and Minolta holders that came apart in two pieces and snapped the film frame in place. For the older Nikon holders, this made the top piece a little flimsy because there wasn’t much plastic width right at the flex point. Hope that makes sense. If you do file it, be careful to smooth any burrs with fine sandpaper and then wash and dry (if both parts are plastic) with a soft cloth.

As long as you don’t use any auto white balance and you keep your exposure the same across an entire roll, you can white balance on some piece of filmstrip from the leader, and use those values across all images of the same roll.

Or if your scanner can do it, put an image ‘half’ in the holder so that the border is right in the middle of the scanner frame. Take a quick lowres scan, then move your picture so that it is now ‘correct’ in the holder.
Then, white balance on the border in the middle of the first scan, and use the same white balance values for the second true image.

With dedicated film scanners it can be tricky to make sure they don’t do an auto exposure, but in VueScan you can keep the exposure / gain values locked across a whole set of images.

If you use VueScan, you can create a DNG and send it to @nate and he will look into creating a profile that means you won’t need to worry about that. I use a plustek 8100 which has had the profile created so when scanning and converting with NLP it means I don’t have to white balance

what if scanning into tiff, in LR then there is no option for white balancing. If you have some film border, there isn’t any option in LR to do it.

You can probably get away with using the auto WB. I always do and it comes out just fine