"White balance cannot be set" how to get a darker film border for setting white balance?

I’ve had this issue occasionally where the border of the film is scanned in too bright/dense, where Lightroom can’t read it as a neutral area to set the white balance from. I’m scanning using an Epson v600 and using Vuescan for RAW negatives. Is there any thing to adjust in Lightroom or Vuescan to fix this?

Bump. Dealing with this as well!

Just downloaded 2.1, running into the same issue using the vuescan dng method. Not sure if auto white balance is creating an accurate representation of the scanned negative.


First, make sure are running the latest version of Negative Lab Pro (v2.1.2 as of posting). It improves the way that LR white balance is handled for the negative through the use of new dcp profiles with a dual-illuminant target.

If you run into this error, you can just change the white balance from “As Shot” to “Auto”.

Or, if you may find that the wb picker will work if you first change the profile from “embedded” to “Negative Lab” - this will make the photo appear darker (a truer representation) and should allow you to pick off the border in most situations. But again, nothing at all wrong with choosing “Auto” in this situation.

Creator of Negative Lab Pro

Wow, that new profile worked perfect. No longer having this issue with any color negative, and images are coming out with what seems to be richer and more real to life colors. Nice work! Thank you

Hi Nate,

glad someone has my same issue! I understand that with “Auto” WB the result will be the same, however, I’m still not able to switch the profile from my standard one (“Colors”) to “Negative Lab”. I cannot find it! I even updated Vuescan/Silverfast DNGs as per instructions, but still does not work. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much!

Hi, any suggestion for this issue?

Thank you.

Is NLP listed and activated in your Plugin Manager?

NLP is activated in the Plugin Manager.