White Balance Issue

Hi. I’m experiencing an issue with NLP. After importing SilverFast DNG’s into Lightroom, first I set White Balance from film border. Then I open NLP. As soon as I open NLP, it changes Lightroom profile from Embedded to Negative Lab v2.3 which is correct, but white balance shifts. Film border is no more white as I set, it gets greenish tint. But temp and tint numbers stay the same in Lightroom. Just the film border becomes greenish noticeably. If I manually select Negative Lab v2.3 profile first after importing the DNG then set the white balance, it stays the same when I open NLP. Which is the correct way? Best regards. Derin

Yes, there might be a small shift of how white balance is interpreted between the embedded profile and the NLP profile… the reason for this is that the white balance is interpreted on the RAW file using the “ColorMatrix” - so as that changes on the profiles, it will interpret the white balance slightly differently.

Usually, this difference is pretty small and won’t impact your conversions. BUT, it is technically a bit better if you manually set the profile to “Negative Lab v2.3” and then do your white balance.

This should technically be a bit better, but again, I do not expect it will make a huge difference in results.