For further editing in LR


I’ve been using NLP for a month now and really enjoying it. But I’m used to edit in LR and would continue to do so, but have a little issue with creating a positive copy. I check the Make copy (TIF / Stack w/photo) and click apply. I get a little white box with the number 2 on the thumbnail, but no matter what I do I can’t seem to select the positive copy to edit. With everything I try the controls are still reversed. How do I choose the positive copy properly? I’ve seen others get two identical thumbnails, but they seem to have older versions than me or something.

This is using Lightroom Classic and NLP v2.1.2
I’d like to add I’m pretty new to LR in general so I might be overlooking the obvoius …

Any help would be much appreciated!


You can separate the stacked copy from its original using the (context) menu. Just right-click on the thumbnail.

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I though I’d tried it all and it really was that simple right in front of my eyes. You have no idea how much help you’ve been as this was driving me nuts. Thank you!