Apply edits from previous positive copies to new positives whenever created, then remove old positives

So heres the use case…

I need to create positive copies to correct red eye in many of the pictures I am digitizing.

But after making any edits to the positive tif/jpeg, if I ever have to edit the nlp settings on the raw image again I need to copy the edits from the old positive onto the new positive.

Could this not be scripted to automagically keep a single positive for all raw images with all LR related edits from previous positives applied automatically? Copy the edits from the previous positive then delete it. This would also help keep my library tidy!

Let’s see if I understand you correctly.

  1. Run NLP and apply, after conversion to positive, a setting (let’s call it “N1”) to an image “A”
  2. Export A with settings N1 as a positive (let’s call it “P1”)
  3. Apply, in Lightroom, a few settings (call it “L1” and save it for later)
  4. Modify, in NLP, the settings N1 to make them “N2” and apply N2 to A
  5. Export A with settings N2 as a positive “P2”
  6. Apply, in Lightroom the settings L1 to P2
  7. Delete P1

Do you want to automate the saving of L1 in step 3, the re-applying of the saved L1 in step 6 and last but not least, the deletion of P1 and possibly the saved L1?

Depending on what N1 and N2 do, applying the same L1 settings could lead to unexpected results. In order to verify the potential for “creative” misfits, you could do the following

  1. Create a few virtual copies of A
  2. Apply versions of N1 to the VCs (one version of N1 to one VC of A each), then export as positives
  3. Select all positives and (with automatic settings sync. in Lr) do a few changes and check results
    → Does red eye removal provide the correct results? Are you happy with other settings?