Automactic jpg/ tif copy should overwrite previous copy

I dont know if this is a bug or a feature. If I turn on ‘Make Copy’ to make an automatic jpeg copy. I get an additional copy each time I reopen NLP (2.4.1 Mac with LR6) for the same image. The copies are named ‘…postive, …positive-2, …’. If I change the NLP settings 10 times, I end up with 10 copies.

I would prefer to have only one positive copy, that is always up to date. I need the copies to place them in Affinity Publisher. In this case it is also important that the filename of the image doesn’t change.

Ahh, that’s a great idea and easy to implement.

I’ll add an option to “Overwrite Old Copies” to v3.

So with “Leave on Positive Copies by Default” and “Overwrite Old Copies”, you will always have a single positive copy that is up to date with your latest edits. :+1:


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Thanx Nate. This sounds perfect for me.