Glass for flatbed scanner


I have an older model flatbed scanner (Epson Expression 1640XL) which still works great but the glass on the ‘bed’ is scratched. I am wanting to replace the glass. Can some kind soul let me know what kind of glass I would need to use? Is there some kind of special glass or can i just get a piece of tempered glass cut to size?

Any suggestions or comments or info greatly appreciated!


I’d try with a piece of float glass after having checked the cut edges for colour casts.
Try to get a glass of similar thickness.

Get in touch with Epson for replacement parts? Replacement Parts | Epson US

thanks for this
Its a very old model and I’m in South Africa where there is no Epson support so trying to find an official replacement part is not really an option
Am going to try with standard ‘toughened’ glass and hope that the scanner profile I create using an it8 target will get rid of most of the colour cast in the glass

This should work indeed.

What you will want to do is to visit all of your local thrift stores and look for an old scanner for $5 or so.
The glass is easy to remove, usually held on with double-sided tape. Since they are tempered, they are almost impossible to break during disassembly.
Reassemble with double-sided tape. Don’t use foam tape as it will be too thick and throw the focus off.
If you can’t find an old scanner, just have a new piece of double-thick window glass cut. The float glass you can buy today is very flat and you won’t notice any distortion whatsoever.
You won’t be able to get a cut piece of tempered glass anywhere.