Grain reduction in NLP

Hi Nate, many thanks for your job. This is what I have expected for a long time. My request for future update is grain reduction directly in NLP. I do my negative and slide RAW files using Canon R5 with RF 100mm F2.8L MACRO IS USM and pictures are extremely sharp with grain visible very perfect. And as I used to watch my photos mainly on my 75inch 4k/8k TV screen, the impression is not good beacuse of many dots and even moire. I’ve tried to manipulate with luminance, sharpness and texture in LrC but results are not satisfying. Then I’ve found better way in Photoshop using both neural retouching and blur filters, but it takes to much time.
I would be very happy to correct this in NLP.


How are you scanning these? I wouldn’t expect for you to get moire unless you have your film pressed flat against the light table (or pressed against some kind of glass) rather than using a film carrier.

In regards to Noise Reduction on the original RAW, there isn’t much I can do beyond the tools that Lightroom already has…

One thing to try would be to either turn off Lightroom’s sharpening altogether, or to set a very high level on the “masking”, and a low level on the “details” in the sharpening settings… this can help make the sharpening just sharpen the edges and avoid sharpening noise.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

Moire is very rarely and as I mentioned, visible only on very big high resolution TV screen. Scanned pictures look very perfect on computer monitor also after NLP converting and Lightroom adjusting. The problem is for example, that looking at the blue sky (on TV screen), instead of smooth blue plane there are millions of little dots visible. But after your explanation, I understand that You cannot do much more than Lightroom is capable to do itself.