Having exactly the same colors from an image to another


First of all, I apologize for my poor English, which comes from an automatic translator!

I’d like to find a solution to my problem: When I convert a series of images, I never get to have exactly the same colors from one photo to another.

Example: I reproduce a series of negatives showing a character running in the sun. The photos were taken with a camera with a motor drive, with the same speed and diaphragm. So exactly the same exposure.

The reproductions of the negatives with my Nikon D850 are all identical (manual flash for the light, exactly identical settings from one photo to another).

I make Negatif Lab Pro work for the first image. I choose all my settings, and I have a perfect result. I save these settings.

Then, on the following negatives, I make Negative Lab Pro work by applying the saved settings. The result: colors are not the same from one photo to another. However, I did remove the black margins from the negatives.

The proof that my reproductions are not in question: when I copy / paste the settings( in Lightroom) of the first photo on the following ones (Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V), this time, the colors are regular. But unfortunately, when I open Negatifve Lab Pro, the software changes the colors again.

Do you have a solution to this problem?

Thank you!

This is what the "sync scene" feature is for in batch mode.

From https://www.negativelabpro.com/guide/#sync-scene

Sync Scene is similar to using Lightroom’s own Sync Settings tool in that it will take the Lightroom settings from one negative and apply it to the other selected Negatives. The advantage of using Sync Scene is that it also copies the metadata and initial image analysis to the other negatives, allowing you to continue editing the negative using Negative Lab Pro’s controls.

When using Sync Scene, only the master Negative needs to be prepped and converted (since the other selected Negatives will be given the same metadata and internal image analysis results as the master negative)

So, just edit the first image like you did in Negative Lab Pro and apply those settings. Then additionally select the other negatives, open Negative Lab Pro, and hit the “Sync Scene” button. This will copy over both the Lightroom settings and the internal Negative Lab Pro analysis metadata, so you can further edit and refine those negatives in Negative Lab Pro.


Thank you so much for this complete answer! I’m going to try this as soon as possible.
This is great!

I’m back, after trying to follow your advice. Unfortunately, I don’t find any Sync Scene button in Negative Lab pro. Where is it located? In Lightroom?

Thank you!

When you have multiple images selected (with the “master” image being already converted), and open Negative Lab Pro, you will see a “sync scene” button towards the bottom of the Negative Lab Pro plugin (right below the “sharpening” dropdown). You will only see the button if you have multiple images selected.

Wonderful! I found and I have understood. It works great, thank you!
It was the last problem. Now, It’s the perfect tool!

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A small remark on this feature, when wanting to use “sync scene” it seems that I still have to wait for NLP to analyze all the images before I ultimately choose to only use the processing of the master image. It seems a bit of a waist of time/cpu cycles. Is there a way to skip the “analyze” step?

You can use Sync Scene to take the analysis and settings from a converted image, and apply it to non-converted images. So, select 1 negative. Convert, edit and apply settings. The additionally select other negatives in Lightroom (which have not yet been converted). Then use “sync scene” to bring over the converted images analysis and settings over to the other images.