Help: What is going on with this conversion

Hi all,
Having a terrible time with this roll of film. I scanned all of it the same way I normally do. Half the images of the roll seem to come out relatively normal, the rest look like the sample case I’ve linked below; like some kind of crazy 1970s experimental album cover.
I notice that the temp and tint for auto neutral are getting set wildly high. Why is this? Turning them down gives me somewhat more normal of an image, but not right.
What on earth is happening here?
Happy to provide more info if needed; this is my first time posting for help.

Relevant info
3.0.2 | Fuji X-T5, Nikon AF 60mm Micro, Valoi easy 35
2024-01-14 15_51_18-rescans3-v13-2 - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic - Develop