How Do I Use An IPhone As Lightsource

I might be being a bit dumb here, but I’ve seen hundreds of posts about using an iPhone as an RGB light source but I can’t find anything explaining exactly how you would go about doing that.

What settings do I need to use? Is an app required?

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forum, @andrewmedina

Take an overexposed shot of a white featureless surface and display it in Apple Photos.

make sure to have enough space between the phone and the negative, otherwise, some of the display’s structure might show.

Connect the power supply during playback.

First, you want a pure white image. To do this easily:

  1. Open up Safari and type in “about:blank” (without the quotations). This will open up a pure blank white page.
  2. Screenshot the page, then crop in the screenshot to just pure white area.

Second, you want to make sure your display settings are right…

  1. Go to “settings > display & brightness”
  2. Turn off “True Tone”
  3. Turn off “Night Shift”
  4. Turn the brightness all the way up.

That should help you get the best possible outcome from your iPhone.

Hope that helps!

When I tried out my Iphone I downloaded a free app called iSoftBox Creative Lighting, it seemed to work well. You could if you wanted to change the hue and brightness, pretty sure you wouldn’t want to though. I didn’t continue with the Iphone as it is a 1st Gen SE so not one of those recommended as being a good RGB source, and it was a bit dim frankly. Now using the Cinestill CS-Lite.