How is the Save/Load feature supposed to work?

It is not clear to me how/what settings are used as a starting point when going from one image to the next.

If I Apply some conversion settings to Photo A, and then go to Photo B, does Photo B open with the same conversions settings as Photo A (ALL the same settings?)

If I then change some settings on Photo B and Apply them, will Photo C open with the newer settings from Photo B?

And if I had Saved the settings from Photo A, would Photo C then open with the settings from B or from A?

As previously mentioned, I can’t tell if anyting is happening when I click on either Save or Load. Apparently there is supposed to be some kind of pop-up when clicking Save, which I am told I may have disabled in the past? Is there any way to re-enable the pop-up?

When I click Load, I would expect whatever settings were previously Saved to be applied, but I have never seen any setting change when I click Load. Is there supposed to be pop-up window for Load?

I am using NLP v.2.3 in Lightroom v.11.0.1 on an iMac running OS 11.6.1