How to get richer colors?

I have the x-t3 with the 80mm macro lens. Is there any settings or things I need to do to get more richer and vibrant colors. i feel like i tend to get very dull colors. even with ektar.

There are many different possibilities to tune an image with all the choices that you’ll find on the second tab (after conversion) of NLP. I suppose that you’ve played with the presaturation setting on the first tab though.

Last but not least, you can tweak the resulting image in Lightroom. If you also save the result as jpg or tif copy, you’ll not have to fight with the oddities of working with converted raws. They take a lot of getting used to, if you want to stay in the raw workflow.

Can you post an example and the settings?


First, make sure the “pre-sat” is set to 5 on the pre-conversion settings.

From there, getting “rich, vibrant colors” can usually be achieved through two things:

  1. Lowering the brightness (colors appear richer when darker)
  2. Increasing the contrast

As an example, the only adjust I’ve made between the image on the left and the image on the right is that on the right, I’ve lowered the brightness and increased in the contrast.

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much nate! i’ll take a look at that! and when using a fujifilm camera would i be enhacing the image before i covert the picture? Does that make a diffference when converting?

If you are going to use “Enhance Details” in Lightroom, I would recommend doing that BEFORE conversion… that’s because enhance details actually creates a separate DNG, and even though the Lightroom settings themselves will transfer over to the new image, the underlying Negative Lab Pro image analysis metadata will not come over. It will just save yourself some future trouble to use Enhance Details right away before processing with NLP.