What's your DNG workflow?

Negative Lab Pro 2.3 - LrC 11.1 - macOS 12.1 Monterey - Fujifilm X-Trans RAF raw files

I’m revisiting converting my raw RAF files to DNG via Enhance Raw Details. I’m not generally concerned with so-called worms and see very little difference in the ‘enhanced-dng’ version but sometimes for some files ( usually grainy B&W ) it can help.

So, I have an already converted in NLP negative and it looks good. I converted that to ‘enhanced-dng’ and its still has my NLP settings. However if I reopen NLP everything changes. Usually opening NLP on an already converted negative take me to the ‘edit’ tab. But for the DNG it went to ‘convert’. And the new conversion is terrible. So NLP doesn’t see this as an already converted file. LrC hasn’t save that information?

So if I want to use enhanced DNGs am I going to have to decide before converting? I should make the enhanced-dng file from my untouched raw RAF and then run NLP on the DNG?