Scanning with Fuji: RAF vs DNG

Is it okay to use Fuji’s RAW format when inverting negatives in NLP, or is it advisable to convert them to DNG first?

Thanks in advance!


You can use either.

I use a Fuji XT2, and I typically use “Photo > Enhance Details” first (which creates a DNG file), and then I convert the DNG file. But there is nothing wrong with just using the original RAF file – I just find that in some cases, using enhanced details helps prevent “worm artifacts” that you can see in some situations with Lightroom’s default interpretation of RAF files.

Hope that helps!

Fuji files are a bit of a special case due to their unique sensor configuration. The best conversion software for this RAW format is Iridient X-Transformer. It’s not expensive and the results are much better than Lightroom, etc Once converted the resulting DNG behaves like any other RAW file and doesn’t develop the dreaded ‘worms’ on sharpening.