How to handle middle "borders" with half frame scans

When converting negative film scans I understand you should crop out the white borders or use the feature in the settings. But how do you guys do with half frame scans, with the white area in the middle of the frame? Does leaving it as it is also affect the conversion or should you convert one half of the frame at a time?

Thankful for any insight!

If I had scans like these and only one scan per image that is on the film, I’d work with virtual copies for testing.

As for testing the way that might work for you:

  • Create three virtual copies
  • don’t crop the first copy
  • crop for the left image in copy 2
  • crop for the right image in copy 3
  • convert all copies and see what you get

Depending on how the neighbouring images are, converting both neighbours might work…or not.

If the neighbours are not part of a stereoscopic pair, you’ll want to crop them anyway - and convert the two halves individually, not necessarily one by one, but as separately cropped entities of a batch.

Thanks for your reply!

Yeah, the scans are the full images, i.e 2 scenens per scan. I’ll do some testing and see how it goes.

Fwiw, I did test as you suggested @Digitizer and I couldn’t see any difference between images converted with the middle border present and the individual crops without any white borders. Histogram didn’t change either besides some very very minor differences.