How to prevent RAW files from being converted

Before 3.0, when converting negatives, the original RAW files were preserved as negatives, and the new tiffs were stacked and rendered as positives. I managed to figure out how to retain the file stacking, but I can’t figure out how to prevent NLP from editing my RAW files. I’d prefer they stay as negatives, as it prevents me from accidentally editing the inverted file.

LRC version 13.0.1
NLP version 3.0.2
Scanned with Sony A7rIII

Not sure how to stop them being converted, but here are a couple of options:

  1. Use lightroom’s filters to show only TIFF files.

  2. Select all and reset settings after TIFFs have been generated. This is handy as the RAW file will just pop back into NLP conversion if you open it with NLP again.