RAW Export from NLP?

Would it be possible to export a Positive in RAW format instead of TIFF? I’m wondering if it would be possible to apply the Denoise feature in Lightroom with a RAW format. I can’t do it on a TIF.

Have you tried using denoise before converting?

Here’s what I get with an old negative seen at 400%:

Left: Converted negative, Right: Converted negative that was denoised before converting.


Correct - Lightroom DeNoise AI won’t work on TIFF files and once you convert a negative to a positive in NLP it becomes a rendered 3 channel file, so that won’t work. But you could perhaps try Topaz DeNoise. All that said, if you photograph your negatives with correct exposure at low ISO, such as 100, you should not have to worry about digital noise. But if it’s film grain you are targeting, the best of the applications I’ve tried for dealing with that is AB Soft’s Neat Image.

As noted below, don’t confuse film grain with digital noise. Film grain is a random pattern and when mixed with a rigid digital array, is amplified. Digital noise comes from a dim scanning light and high ISO. I’m not seeing the DENOISE in Lightroom making a huge difference with film grain. Your quick fix is not to use the Positive Tif, stay with the RAW. Not using the TIF will leave the color and tone sliders inverted. Your probably done with those at this point. If you forget, they will remind you!
Maybe a good long term solution is to ask for DNG as a positive file format. DNG will work in DENOISE and A DNG is mostly a Tif!

Also suggested below, use Neat Noise to diffuse film grain. A cheaper way, use the manual Luminance noise reduction.

Film grain gets worse with High speed film stock and smaller formats like 110 or 8mm!

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I hadn’t explored that because I was afraid it would have a reverse effect seeing as the curves are all reversed. I’ll give it a try. I’m wondering what other Lightroom adjustments I can do that would have a normal result, once converted. .