How to white balance from clear mask on Kodak Aerocolor IV Color Negative Film 2460 or SantaColour100 or FlicFilm Elektra100

I am using the latest version of NLP and DSLR scanning using a Canon 5DMKII, canon EOS 100mm L lens with all Negative Supply equipment including their light source - 99cri).

The mask is clear on this film so does anyone have experience with film like this. Would white balance be determined after converting the negative or am I missing smoothing that would make processing more straightforward.

Help please.

I’ve no experience with any of these films, but theoretically speaking no whitebalance would be needed on any of these. The WB (prior to conversion) is done to clear out to base. As the base is clear already this step is obsolete and you’d just need to set the WB within NLP to your liking after conversion.

Thanks for your reply and that does make perfect sense.
I’ve never developed film and have only been scanning my own film since Dec. so there is so much I don’t know. I have been shooting film at least 8 years, but have always had a pro lab develop & scan for me. What is especially good is that I love shooting Kodak Aerocolour film and will now feel more confident about scanning this particular stock - no problems when it comes to normal films with the orange mask or B& W stock.
Again thanks

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That’s my experience from scanning a couple of rolls of unmasked Agfa-Gevaert colour negs from about 1960.