Pakon F135 (and plus) orange mask from raw


I have been playing with the Pakon raw output and pprc conversion. What I notice is that the orange mask is partially being compensated for on output. I managed to capture a frame in positive mode, to get an idea of the white balance offset from the rebate. For instance, for Kodak’s Portra 160 (not expired), white balance on the rebate corrects to -37/-30. If I use +37/+30 on a frame where the orange mask is partially compensated for, the image appears as if the orange mask was scanned in positive mode. NLP color correction is EXTREMELY close to the Kodak magic output.

I can provide some screen captures if necessary.

My question is: Does NLP expect the (more or less) orange mask, typical of negative film to be present before application?

Thanks for any help, Nate. NLP has been awesome with Pakon output thus far.

– Scott