White balanced light source

I asked @nate via e-mail a while ago if using gel filters or color correction filters to cancel the orange mask while DSLR scanning is a more effective way to get accurate color conversions within NLP. He said this was being explored and discussed on the NLP Facebook page. But since I’ve abandoned that cesspool of a social media site (no offense!) long ago, I was hoping we could revive it here and post results and findings that I’ve missed out on. I’m sure @Richard1Karash has chimed in on this one!

I have some questions to kick it off:

  1. Wouldn’t color correcting the light source and neutralizing the orange mask condense the RGB channels in camera, thusly mitigating the risk of clipping on of the channels off to the left or right?
  2. Does it interfere or throw off with the scanner simulation/film profiles built in to NLP?