Introducing: Negative Lab Pro v2.0

Quick question for Nate and others. Does shooting film at speeds other than box have an impact when converting in NLP?

The biggest impact of shooting at speeds other than box are what will happen if you include the film border in the conversion analysis… for instance, if you overexpose Portra 400 by 3 stops, then the darkest part of the image will still be significantly more dense than the film border, leading to potential issues if the border is included… if you shoot at box speed, it can actually help the conversion to include a bit of border area as this is a good representation of what neutral black should be in the scene. The other issue with overexposing is you end up with more compressed tonal ranges, which are more prone to errors inside the 8-bit tone curve grid.

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Got it! Thanks Nate. I have a few rolls recently shot 1 stop over, so this is good to know.

1 stop over should be great! It gets a bit dicey if you go 3 stops over or more (or if you underexpose). Most of the time it is still very workable, just needs a bit more adjusting after conversion.

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I only ever go a stop over, not a fan of more :). I posted a picture on FB last night, I am now doing minimal adjustments in NLP itself, nothing in LR other than removing dust and I am thinking of switching over to PS for that, seems to be a bit better at removing dust. So pleased with v 2.0.

All of these shots were done with minimal editing in NLP, none of these were edited in LR except for removal of dust and scratches. All straight out of NLP’s editing functions.

Portra 400 (shot at 200) scanned with SF to DNG, converted in NLP with Frontier, pre-sat default 3. In edit I chose linear-gamma, brightness down to -5 and for colour profile I chose Kodak. That was it! No other edits were needed.

XP2 400 (shot at 200), all same as above except I chose BW obviously and no film profiles. Nothing more! Also, this roll along with two other were totally ruined by the lab, they used the wrong temperature during development and also used BW chems instead of C41, so all my negs have crocking all over them!!! Yet NLP did a splendid job of converting and editing.

No edits, just Linear-Gamma and Autocolour warming, Fuji 160 Pro.

Portra 800 (shot at 640), linear-gamma, autocolor cooling, brightness -4

Just a few of my samples to share. If you shoot film, and scan your own, you NEED NLP in your life!! I am a total convert and can’t be more happier. I love colour film now.

Hmm. I tried to convert a tricky picture and I found that NLP didn’t make the great… I tried with Tif gamma utility also, but same result… Other picture with wide histogram had no problem…

Nikon F90x / Sigma 28-80 / Kodak Gold 200

Plustek Opticfilm 7400 / Vuescan DNG Scan

I am so in love with the new Auto Color and Soft Highs.

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Contax T2 / Kodak Gold 200

Plustek Opticfilm 7400 / Vuescan DNG Scan

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Hi Nate,

Excellent work with this latest release, as ever. I was away so only downloaded from the FB user group pre-release one day ahead of the public release, so have only had a short period to re-convert a small number of DSLR scans, but the usability both of the user interface and of the output from the revised processing are truly significantly improved - I was already impressed before, even more so now. Thanks!

One question, which perhaps I should raise as a separate thread (will edit and move if you wish). The standing instruction remains to have LR’s “Use Graphics Processor” option set to off, but is that still true with v2, what is the reason for that, and what should be the problem if not doing so? I have a HP Spectre laptop with Omen Accelerator eGPU and, with the option set to use a GPU everything seems to work although I haven’t timed processing to see if the eGPU is actually being used, or not, when changing the setting in LR.

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Mamiya M645 & Kodak Portra 400, captured with Fuji X-T1 and Elicar VHQ Macro MC 55mm F:2.8

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Hi @AdrianR!

Re: Graphics Processor - there is an issue with Lightroom’s SDK when the graphics processor is enabled. In some cases, you may change a setting (for instance, change the “tone” dropdown option), and it won’t update the main window display (even though it will update the preview). Then when you go to change something else, the previous change will show up. So for now, it is best to just keep it off until the issue is resolved.

Hi, it’s possible that even with the tiff utility that the channel information is still too narrow for NLP to make any changes. Take a look at your histograms for each color channel and see if any or missing or very narrow. You can try running the gamma utility again and choose a higher output gamma (like 4 or 5) and see if that helps. If you still encounter issues, please post more information and links to the image in the bug reporting thread:

Great shots and edits, @Carmen! Thanks so much for sharing :raised_hands:

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Hi Nate, many thanks for answering. I’m not an Adobe subscriber so am still on the last stand-alone LR 6.14 (best I resist the urge to upgrade to an X-T3!) - I don’t think I’ll ever benefit from a fix so will keep the setting off when using NLP. Thanks for the explanation…

I tried with a several similar photos. But only one photo had the problem.
However, most part of this new NLP performance is very satisfying so I will purchase it. :slight_smile:

Photo1) A photo has narrow histogram.
Photo2) This photo had no problem to convert via NLP.
Photo3) A photo with problem. Histogram trend is similar with Photo1 but cannot properly converted via NLP.
Photo4) My plugin path with my Lightroom Classic (The latest version 8.3.1)

Hope this helps to solve the issue.

Thanks @jam - ok, yes the blue channel is just a bit too narrow for NLP to be able to set points. (There is plenty of actual levels in there since it is 16 bit, but my controls in the tone curve pane are only 8-bit). I will update the Tiff Scan Utility to better deal with cases like this!

Hi Nathan,

I’ve been trying the plugin since March and I can say this version made my purchase it. I bought the plugin a few minutes ago and I just wanted to say that it’s an incredible tool. I don’t know how you’ll be able to make it better, but whatever I can do to help you, feel free to ask!

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Thanks so much @pablonavarroB :facepunch: That really makes me happy to hear!

Hi! Version 2.0 is a gamechanger for me. Thank you Nate for your work!. If I may, I want your opinion on a few “wishes”. It is great that we now have the possibility to save our settings/preset as default. `But I think it would be even greater if we had the possibility to store different presets :slight_smile: . That way it would be possible to,store different presets for different films, projects,… And another question:Is there a way to make the “copy to” also sticky? Have a great day!

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