Latest common view on SF 9.0.3 settings?


Been away from the analog world for almost a year, and just updated to SF 9.0.3. As always there are no good manuals, and the preference settings have changed.

Looked here for the latest common view on SF9 preferences (General, CMS) wrt NLP 2.2, but cannot find any. A suggestion is a sticker somewhere in the Forum for this, as I’m probably not the first, or last to ask about it.

So, what are your best choices (I use a Plustek 120 scanner) for 48-bit DNG outputs:

General/Gamma Gradation: 1 or 2.2?
General/L*Gradation: On or Off?
CMS/ICC profile to embed: Use, or not use, of the scanner calibration profile?

Moreover, any progress on the topic of the infrared layer and if/how it can be used in a sensible way as part of NLP workflow?

Thanks in adavance,


Hi again,

Is it correct, as I read somewhere, that none of the above settings have an impact when saving in 48-bit HDR raw DNG format?