Silverfast Setting for NLP

Hi Guys,

Sorry to have to bring this up as I’m sure it’s been discussed but I wanted to see if there is an update or new step I should be performing to utilize SilverFast’s dust and scratch removal functionality (iSRD).

Right now I’m scanning and importing my negatives using the traditional RAW DNG settings; 48bit RAW DNG > Import to Lightroom > Run the Plugin > Silverfast/Vuescan Update > White balance off film edge before converting w/ NLP. The resulting colors are incredible, but I have dust/scratches everywhere.

When I try the scanning as TIFF (for iSRD use) i’ve set Gamma 1.0 as was noted in the guide but the final results are ok but nothing compared to the raw conversion colors. Ultimately, I’m wondering if there is any sort of new update or steps I should be taking to better colors or should I just stick with the RAW DNG format and deal with the dust and scratches.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.