Lightroom, Automated conversion problem

I may make some mistake (or stupid) .however following action is annoying.

  1. I imported in light room (negative scan. arw files) and played around for a while. — convert, save as tiff etc.
    And then

  2. I took some positive photos in same folder(camera folder).

  3. I removed the folder in Library module. also deleted the folder in my hard drive.

  4. I copy final .arw folders (negative + some positive) into the disk. And add folder in lightroom… And import button clicked
    ------- So far so good… Bug when the import process initially imported nicely and then slowly, All image is converted (positive to negative, Negative-> positive) during import.

----- Any suggestion to clean up this action ? or one folder should allow same type only ?

What are you trying to do exactly?

As i described… i copy some negative scan and imported ibto right room… and used nlp converted one by one… later …
I eemoved the lightroom folder and put add some positive imaged into the folder… and tyt to import in lr again… by using add folder…
In this case… positive turn negative and negative turn positive automatically when import btn preased

I mean why are you removing the folder with the negatives and then trying to re-add it later? Understanding your goal may help me understand what the best solution would be for you.

If you remove files from Lightroom, and then re-add them later, they will lose the settings that you had associated with them, unless you have saved the metadata to file or into an xmp side… even if you retain the settings in that situation, you would lose the Negative Lab Pro analysis information that links the plugin settings to the files… that info is stored in the Lightroom catalog itself so when you remove the files, you lose that.

If you want to move the NLP-edited files from one computer to another, for instance, you need to export as a catalog, like shown here:

Does that help?

First of all thanks for this great product i was looking for at least 5 years…
Because of you… I could enjoy my element school memory againa… pentax sv 1967… lol… becauae i am still sw developer over 35 years… i know how much you are kindly reacting my question…

I really thanks for your careful responce… though… still not my point…my question is when i remove folder in lr and storage and copy again and re import… the import process… remembers the last time conversion and perform conversion automaticaĺy… as you said it … the conversion in catalog should be gone.

I suspect maybe my operation somehow remembered to the folder preset or something… curious…

Anyway thanks again.