Issues after Instilation


I just installed NLP into my Lightroom C. I can access it as a plug-in extra, I followed your video tutorial. I used the white balance eyedropper, made sure the temp is below 2000 as suggested in your video and then hit “convert negatives” it starts to convert and stops halfway showing me this error message (see attached image), and the history in lightroom says “multiple settings” and the image slightly changes color. But again this message shows up so I assume something is stopping the conversion halfway?

Not sure what is wrong since it seems to be installed properly?

Thanks for any help!

The answer might be in this section of the guide

“Next, copy the “NegativeLabPro.lrplugin” folder into a folder that is easy to navigate to and you won’t accidentally delete later. IMPORTANT!!! - You must place the “NegativeLabPro.lrplugin” on the same drive as Lightroom, and you need to have full read/write access to the folder. Also, make sure there are NO special characters anywhere in the path to the plugin folder (especially relevant to users with accents in their name). If any of the above conditions aren’t met, some of the tools in Negative Lab Pro will fail. The safest place to put the folder is directly on the root of your main drive (like C:)”