Lightroom is auto-cropping my DNG's - HELP!

Lightroom - which I only use with NLP/scans, so I’m not that switched on with it really, gotta admit - Lightroom is auto-cropping my DNG’s when I open them up in the Develop module. They look fine in the Library, nice bit of film rebate around all four sides, just as I shot them, but then when I go into Develop the top & bottom gets chopped off! I can’t seem to work it out. I don’t believe it’s the camera settings, because the thumbs in Library look fine, this only happens when it goes into Develop. Nothing I do in Preferences makes any difference… in fact, there is NO auto-cropping set. Does anybody have any advice? I’d be MOST appreciative! Thank you.

Have you tried the “Reset” button that sits on top of the film strip at the righthand edge of Lightroom’s Develop module?

Sometimes, crop settings get stuck (mainly by user action) and need to be reset…

Nope, that doesn’t work I’m afraid - appreciate the suggestion though. For argument’s sake I just opened it up in Camera Raw and it does it there too. In Bridge (from where I open them in Camera Raw) they show as cropped too… but in Lightroom/Library they show as full frame, no problem… go into Develop they crop. Weird. I don’t get it. Can only think to reset camera to default, set it all up anew, and reshoot them.

@paulkiss, you could attach one of the images here and we’d be able to try to find the source of your issues… If the file is too large, use a sharing service (Google, DropBox, WeTransfer etc.

What do they look like in the Navigator panel?

I’ve just imported these files into Capture One and they’re all fine! It’s only Lightroom cropping them!!

God I wish NLP was stand-alone.

A standalone version would be manna! It might be more complicated than we think.

Is the image cropped or just magnified?

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