DNG Export Format

I think I posted this somewhere else by accident. Would be nice if the resulting image could be saved as a DNG. TIF and JPEG are really detination formats for printers and web. The DNG would still keep it in it’s “original asset” status plus all the benefits that DNG offers. Even if you had to create a TIF wrapped into a DNG (with the changes baked in so it would work correctly in LR) that would be accepatable.

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Hi @mgilvey - thanks for submitting! I’ll have to think about this… It’s easy enough to make it export to DNG, but doing so wouldn’t necessarily make it a “positive” - in other words, I believe that Lightroom would still behave the same on a true DNG as it does on the original RAW, and Lightroom’s controls would still be messed up… I could create a TIF wrapped into a DNG, which would solve the problem with Lightroom controls, but in this case, I’m not sure there would be much advantage versus just creating the TIF outright. But let me think about this a bit.


If you wrapped the TIF in a DNG, it could still have adjustments written into it, and because it is a DNG, it would still be recognized as a starting filetype, not a destination file type like TIF or JPG. An additional option would be to save as a PSD.

As a retoucher, I never work with TIFs layered like you can do in PSD format. TIF is an output format for printers but at some point, Adobe decided it would be a great idea to allow TIFs to have layers, I don’t know why when the PSD format was already perfect. Anyway, that’s my story. Hope it matches yours.