Lightroom Lens Corrections automatically applied

Hi, A slightly convoluted question; my workflow is:
Digitalising negatives using a Nikon D850 with an ES2 and a 60mm macro lens; running the files through DXO PureRAW which has imho better lens corrections than lightroom. Then I import the files into lightroom and convert with negativelab pro. The final step is to output to jpegs using Perfectly Clear after cleaning up the negative scans.

My question, is there any way to stop negativelab pro from applying lightroom lens corrections automatically? I have set up lightroom to not correct the DNG files from DXO PureRAW but I find that when I convert with negativelab it has applied lightroom lens corrections. It is not too much of a chore to sync settings with no lens corrections applied but it would be nice to not have this added step?

Sorry for the long winded nature of this topic!

As of now, there seems to be no way to stop using lens profiles automatically - but we can switch them off after importing PureRaw’s DNGs.

OK, thanks for that. I’ll keep plugging away!