LR online gallery doesn't pick up Lightroom Classic corrections

I shot some black-and-white film, scanned it with a mirrorless camera, imported it into Lightroom Classic CC, converted the negs with NLP, and then made some further adjustments in LRC CC. Everything behaved as expected.

Then I tried publishing the scans in a Lightroom online gallery, and they don’t look right at all. They’re converted to positive, but they’re much too dark and contrasty – none of the adjustments I made in NLP or LRC CC seem to have transferred to the online version. (You can view it here:

Is there some extra step I need to take to “lock in” my adjustments before I can publish them in a Lightroom gallery? Thanks for any info…

This is likely a camera profile issue. Adobe has not implemented camera profile syncing in Lightroom Classic, and NLP does install its own custom-built camera profiles that the Lightroom Cloud (mobile, web, CC) doesn’t have access to.

The good news is there’s a fix: