Problems with the Adobe Cloud & NLP Profiles

Hi folks, I’ve been using NLP since it was released and I love it. But I’m having the following problem:

I’m working in Lightroom Classic (on a Mac). I’m attempting to use Adobe Portfolio. The first step is to create a collection and then share it with the Adobe cloud (“Sync with Lightroom”). My problem is that anything that was touched by NLP looks awful in the Adobe cloud. Dark, very green, shadows blocked up. When I look at the images with Lightroom on my iPad, I get an error message “Missing Profile – A default profile is temporarily used as a fallback.”

Any thoughts about this? Obviously I’d like to be able to share images out of Lightroom Classic. I’ve been able to do that very effectively with black and white scans and with regular DSLR images. But with NLP material – no dice.

Thanks much –

Here’s an example. On the left, the clouds look good in Lightroom Classic – and the NLP 2.0 Profile is working. On the right is the image in Lightroom (cloud version).

Lightroom cloud version shows that it knows what the profile is supposed to be, but it’s missing.

Look around the forum, the topic has been addressed already, e.g here:

or here:

Thanks for that. Very helpful. I imported the profiles into LRCC and that solved the problem for that app. But for the mobile LR app (on iPad) or for sharing from a browser, there’s no love, The images look like crap. Have I missed something? I’m not seeing a solution. (I responded on the second thread you referenced above.)

Thanks again –