Negative Lab Pro Profile not applied during Sync to Lightroom WEB

A similar issue is listed as solved but it’s not the case, or it’s another issue.

I spent about one full day with Adobe support and had to bargain that they will open an official issue (It was difficlt because they said, it’s not an official Profile from Adobe)

To summarize:
Negative LAB Pro Profile is discarded when image is synchronized from Ligthroom Classic or Lightroom to Ligthroom WEB.
The, when a modification is done in Lightroom WEB, the Profile is well applied. So the image as the right render. (We can also see the modification propagated to Lightroom Classic and Lightroom)

But as soon as we do a modification in Lightroom Classic or Lightroom.
The image is again uploaded to Ligthroom WEB and again the Negative LAB PRO Profile is not applied

1. Your operation system
2. Your version of Lightroom
Lightroom Classic version: 10.2 [ 202103041821-226a1211 ]
License: Creative Cloud
Language setting: en
Operating system: Windows 10 - Business Edition
Version: 10.0.19042
Application architecture: x64
System architecture: x64
Logical processor count: 12
Processor speed: 3,3 GHz
SqLite Version: 3.34.0
Built-in memory: 32759,0 MB
Real memory available to Lightroom: 32759,0 MB
Real memory used by Lightroom: 2344,3 MB (7,1%)
Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 6924,7 MB

3. Your version of Negative Lab Pro

4. Steps to take to recreate your issue

  1. I digitalized a negative with my Sony A7RIV
  2. Import in Lightroom Classic
  3. Convert to Positive with Negative Lab Pro V2.2.0
  4. Sync the collection with the Cloud
  5. Display the Album online.
    Online, the image is dark like if the Adobe default Profile was applied to the image.

On Lightroom Classic the image is displayed correctly

On Ligthroom (Ex CC or sometimes named Desktop) image is displayed correctly
We can clearly see that the Profile is synchronized on the Cloud

On Lightroom WEB (Mobile), the image is really darker.

In fact, it looks like the Render with the Default Adobe Profile
So that the Profile is not taken in Account during Upload to the WEB (Sync)

In Lightroom WEB, if I click on the “button” to do edit or crop the image, the image is displayed with the Profile applied. So with the right render.

Just one click on edit button (no modification done)

Just one Click on crop button (no modification)

I didn’t do any modification, if I close the modification window by clicking on the Cross, the image is still displayed with Wrong Render (Negative Lab Pro Profile is not applied)

Now I will for example crop the image on Lightroom WEB, and the Profile will be applied

On ligthroom Classic and Lightroom (Desktop) we can see that the crop was propagated and the Profile is still applied.

Now, in Lightroom (Desktop) or in Lightroom Classic, I do another modification, for example another crop, the image will be again sychronized (in fact only the metadata I think).
And again the image on Lightroom WEB, will be back dark, it means the Negative Lab Pro Profile is not applied on Synchonisation from Lightroom Classic or Lightroom to Lightroom WEB.

Sorry @RGT1973, I know that is frustrating.

Thank you for getting Adobe to open an official issue.

There are really two issues here.

First, it’s the need to involve Lightroom (instead of Lightroom Classic) to get the profile over to mobile and web Lightroom. It would be great if Lightroom Classic itself synced over the profiles. The other article you linked to shows how to get around the issue of getting the profiles over to Lightroom WEB and Lightroom Mobile by using Lightroom itself to sync (instead of Lightroom Classic). Ideally, Adobe would fix this and just have Lightroom Classic sync the profiles as you would expect.

The second issue is the one you bring up… that even if the profiles are correctly there, Lightroom Web and Lightroom Mobile do not necessarily include the profile in their rendering engine until you begin to work on it, and it seems to not apply the profile all the time.

This is not an issue that is unique to Negative Lab Pro, and will happen with all custom profiles. It may be more noticeable with Negative Lab Pro profiles because they are linear profiles, and thus quite different from standard profiles.

You may have better success if you use DNG files, and go to “Photo > Update DNG Preview and Metadata” prior to syncing. I suspect that Lightroom Web and Lightroom Mobile are trying to “cheat” a bit to make rendering show up faster, and that the previews you see are based on the embedded previews in the files themselves (rather than a true RAW rendering, which would be more processor intensive).


I spent again 4 hours with Adobe Support.
They called me back and they are still investigating.

In paralel, from Adobe Photoshop Familly, I got this reply from an Adobe employe:
"Hopefully we’re able to reproduce the same and track down this issue. Thanks for reporting!"

For me, it’s an issue on WEB app side, so, I think it’s not to hard to modify it.
So, I hope we will see a fix quickly.

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The workaround of converting to DNG and regenerating the previews works for the most part, but I’ve noticed on a large number of files uploaded simultaneously it does not work correctly requiring refreshing previews multiple times. Given that DNG is a proprietary format that might not be compatible with my next software I also embed original RAWs, which doubles the file size… and that’s just to have the previews work on CC web and mobile!

The issue is indeed very annoying, thanks for bringing it up with adobe and keeping banging on their door! Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.