Missing B/W profile on Lightroom mobile or web

Congratulations to such a great solution for negative conversions!!! I startet to use Lightroom Classic again only because of the NLP plugin. Now I have a little problem with black&white Negatives: The profile “Negative Lab v2.0 s/w” does not sync to the Adobe cloud.

What I’m doing (MacOS 10.14.6):
Black&white conversions of DSLR-Scans (Sony A7r II) in LR Classic 8.4
Exporting one folder with ready converted images as new catalog
Open the new catalog and make collections per film
Migrate the catalog to Lightroom (“cloudy” version, 2.4)
Delete the images in Lightroom Classic

As long as I do this with color negative conversions everything seems to be fine and I can see the right profile in Lightroom iOS. But with black&white conversions I get the error message of a missing profile on iOS as well es on the web version.

On thing I mentioned in “cloudy” Lightroom:

The right profile is set and I can edit the image as normal - but there is no such profile to select manually under the list of installed profiles. (For color conversions the right profile is in the list and highlighted)

When I try to install the “Negative Lab - Sony ILCE-7RM2 v2.dcp” manually in cloudy Lightroom it says that it is already there.

Here is the list of profiles in cloudy Lightroom - no one with “S/W” at the end and no one highlighted: