Lightroom Cloud and web not showing profile

IM new to negative lab pro. I converted all my files, and added the profile to Lightroom Cloud as well. When I use Lightroom cloud, mobile, or web, the images show with the the profile not added. Now if I click the image and go to edit it, it shows up correctly, and shows the negative lab pro profile. But I use these online galleries to show clients there work, and since they don’t have the edit option, they cant see it with the correct profile. Ideas?

Hi @jdecker1978 ,

You have a couple of options:

  1. You could export all of the images to JPEG, and then sync those to the Lightroom Cloud.
  2. If you are working with DNG files, you can go in Lightroom to Library module, select the images, then “Metadata > Update DNG Preview and Metadata.” This should force the current rendering to be embedded in the preview. I

Hope that helps!

Thanks! Can I convert them to DNG after I’ve done all my converting?

If you plan on using DNG, it would be better to convert to DNG before running in Negative Lab Pro.

If you convert them to DNG after running Negative Lab Pro, it will still work, but the DNG will be missing the image analysis metadata, so you won’t be able to further edit the DNG in Negative Lab Pro (unless you were to use the “sync scene” feature from the original RAW you converted to the DNG).