Cannot start plugin grayed out

followed all the instructions but i cannot start the plugin - its grayed out - plugin manager says enabled and running …


What version of Lightroom are you on specifically? What OS?

When you say it is greyed out, where do you see it greyed out? In the plugin manager? In the File menu?

NVM - missed the bit where the plugin needed to be on the same drive - i got it imported and looks good in lightroom - is there a way to get the profile onto the ipad/cloud so i can also edit there -apologize if this is documented somewhere

There’s an article here on it… although as you can see in the comments there are still some issues with how LR Mobile handles previews - so even with the underlying profiles correctly there, the previews may be off until you go in to the image itself, if that makes sense.

I looked at that but i am unable to find the profiles - it’s asking for .lrtemplate files - all the files i have in neglab are .dcp files. not sure what i am missing