SOLVED: Synced images not displaying correctly on LR CC Mobile and Shared Libraries


“I’m getting a weird issues when I sync my Negative Lab Pro conversion over to Lightroom CC Mobile or try to share the raw library online. I either get an error message or the images displayed do not look correct (even though they look correct in Lightroom Classic CC), or they appear really dark with weird colors. They look fine when I see them where I originally converted them.”

What’s Happening:

Lightroom Mobile CC needs the underlying “Negative Lab Pro” camera profiles to correctly display converted files. Unfortunately, the profiles will not automatically sync from Lightroom Classic CC or Lightroom CC 2015 and earlier. They will only sync from Lightroom CC Desktop (thanks Adobe, haha!)

How to Fix

To fix this, you need to do the following:

  1. Open up Lightroom CC Desktop (not Lightroom Classic - unfortunately you can’t do this in Lightroom Classic - if you don’t have Lightroom CC Desktop, it should be a part of your Creative Cloud subscription and you can download it)

  2. Go to “File > Import Profiles and Presets”

  3. Add the “Negative Lab Pro” camera / scanner profiles you use. You can find these in your original download. Be sure to add the models of cameras and/or scanners you are using.

Once the profiles have been imported and allowed to sync, any devices connected to the same account (including other desktops, iPhone, iPad, Android, and ChromeOS devices) will have those profiles available.

Alternative Method

While you should only have to do the above steps once, it is a bit cumbersome.

Another option is to use Negative Lab Pro’s “make copy” feature, and make a tiff or jpeg copy of the images you want to sync. The positive copy will not rely on the Negative Lab Pro profiles, so there is no issue with display on other devices. It will also enable you to use the regular Lightroom controls in Lightroom CC Mobile.

This is my only issue with using Negative lab pro, even after following the steps above and applying the profile to cc desktop the mobile version on ipad still doesn’t auto detect the correct profile even though its installed, when I do apply the profile manually there are lots of issues trying to copy and paste the profile to other photos to quicken the process, one by one seems to be the only way and even after all that the previews are very hit and miss to update to the new version…
Love the app by the way, but I would be so happy if this could be fixed!

Hmm, Ok. Sorry for the trouble!

I wonder if this is the case even when you import NEW conversions made with Negative Lab Pro (now that you have the profile available?). I have heard that the previews on previously imported images may take some cajoling to get to re-render if you imported them previously to having the camera profile available… You could also try removing the previous synced conversions, and then re-syncing from scratch…