Troubles when viewing collection on Web - Too Dark


I have issues when exporting collections for others to view on Web - in that they come out too dark for my BNW negatives (very contrasty too)

For background I am on a Mac using Lightroom Classic.

Am running version Negative Lab Pro 2.1.2, although in the develop module the profile lists Negative Lab v2.0 B&W

Pictures look fine when exporting to drive (matches screen exactly), but not when creating a LR link for others to view

Thanks very much in advance



If you are trying to share the original RAW files, you may be running into this issue:

This issue is that if you are sharing RAWs, the underlying RAW profiles would also need to be synced/included.


Thanks for the reply however have used this method before for my NLP scan and was OK. Similarly have shared other standard digital photos that are RAW and had no issues

To clarify I have a lightroom collection, and are share them via Adobe’s web service - making the collection public via the link provided via (not just sharing the individual photos)

Heres the collection link.

Interestingly one looks as expected - the small boat on river looks like it does in LR. On further inspection it seems to have the “Adobe Color” profile in the develop module

Think I must have a setting wrong somewhere?


The issue isn’t that the file is raw. The issue is caused because it is using a CUSTOM linear camera profile, and whoever is viewing will need to also have that custom camera profile, or that camera profile will need to be synced in some way to the Adobe Cloud.

If you export as a TIFF or JPEG, and then share those, it will work fine.

It will also work fine if the underlying camera profile is one of the universal, standard profiles, like ‘Adobe Color’, as you’ve discovered. But I wouldn’t recommend this because the standard profiles were not designed to be used for negative conversions, and will distort the resulting tones and colors and in your images.


Thanks very much - cheers